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I’m with the circus

I recently attended a Northern California juggling convention and was able to meet and learn from many amazing and talented individuals. When browsing the merchant booths at the end of the day a particular t-shirt caught my eye and has stuck with me through today. In big, bold, […]

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Circus Arts as a Therapy Tool

In our Vegetable Circus enrichment programs, a lot of magical things happen! We notice positive changes in children’s moods, behavior, and self-esteem as they accomplish new skills. Hyper-active children are able to improve their focus and attention through balancing a peacock feather, spinning a plate, or juggling […]

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Healthy Halloween for Kids – A Purple Pedal-Powered Berry Bicycle Blender

Choosing to give up candy for Halloween is a big decision! An elementary school in New Jersey brought kids together to fight the health impacts of copious amount of Halloween candy by having a contest. How much candy could the school collect? Kids brought their pillow cases […]

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Circus tricks to make kids healthy

While we are all trying or at least hoping that we can become more healthy beings there are groups such as the vegetable circus that are making healthy living much easier for the kids of our times and future times.  As we all know there are different […]

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Circus Birthday Party Game Ideas

Find local performers to do a show; or put on circus act videos from youtube on the big screen or projector. Offer kids popcorn and/or peanuts as snacks. Bring out any birthday cakes after the videos/performance, then have a present opening ceremony once cake is done. Facepainting […]

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