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national-flyer_homepageVegetable Circus is a program of the Allied Wellness Education Network (AWEN), a national wellness organization. AWEN is a 501c3 non-profit that supports programs helping people take control of their own health. Vegetable Circus provides services for clients across America and is most active in New England and California.

Vegetable Circus uses circus arts to teach children and adults creative and exciting ways to live healthy. Unforgettable circus shows, structured multi-week after-school enrichment programs, hands-on workshops, and amazing event entertainers educate children and adults about healthy eating habits in an engaging and light-hearted way. Our goal is to introduce children and adults to healthy, confidence-raising activities that support their development.

Live healthy while having fun! Learn more about Vegetable Circus, read more about our enriching and spectacular services, and check out videos of Vegetable Circus in action.

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