Treating Yourself Right

Nobody can bully you without your consent; but sometimes your worst bully can be yourself. There is always another challenge on the horizon, but tackling them with the right attitude can make the difference between a life of stress and one of joy.

A good first step is to examine the things that are creating stress in your life. Are they problems that are best solved by dealing with them right here and now, or are they in distant future? We can only do one thing at a time well, and eventually you have to trust your future self to take care of tomorrow’s problems when they arise. If you don’t trust your future self due to past carelessness, then you have to accept that we all make mistakes, but by acknowledging them, you have learned from them.

For problems that you know have to be dealt with sooner, make sure you first appreciate why you have to do them. Understand the goal they’re helping you achieve, and accept that here and now, they are the challenges life has for you to undertake. It’s best to get busy-work out of the way as soon as it presents itself, such as homework or doing the dishes. Finishing these chores before engaging in fun activities will free up your thoughts so you can truly enjoy your free time. Try to keep in the moment with each of these chores, while feeding yourself positive reinforcement and appreciation for tackling them.

You can also try to reserve a part of your day to relaxing, and giving yourself some love. A routine of morning yoga or meditation is an empowering way to start your day, and to keep yourself centered. And when thinking about the future, a useful mantra is to ask yourself how to create your best possible future, all things considered. Start yourself down that path today, and keep those long-term goals as your inspiration for when you feel life start to stress you out.

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