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Sprouting Seeds – Growing Food with Kids

How to grow sprouts with kids

Seeds soaking in jars covered in cheesecloth waiting to sprout

Growing food at home is a fun way to connect your family to nature and get kids excited to eat healthy food. For almost instant gratification, you can grow your own sprouts any time of year at next to no cost!

All you need to grow tasty, organic sprouts in your own home are:

  • A Clean Glass Jar
  • Cheese Cloth (or any fabric that keeps seeds in and lets water out)
  • A Rubber Band
  • Sprouting Seeds (such as: alfalfa, clover, broccoli, radish, mung bean, green peas, chickpeas)


  1. Cover the bottom of the jar with about a millimeter of your favorite seed (more if using larger seeds).
  2. Cover the seeds with cold, filtered water.
  3. Cover the jar with cheesecloth.
  4. Secure the cloth with a rubber band.
  5. Allow to soak overnight.
  6. Pour out the water through the cheesecloth lid.
  7. Fill the jar with water again and let it all drain out through the cheesecloth (you never have to remove the cheesecloth until it’s time to eat the sprouts).
  8. Continue to rinse seeds with water at least once a day until sprouts are the size you want to eat. Once your seeds are the size you want, you can keep them in the refrigerator to keep them from continuing to grow. Once refrigerated, rinse about once a week.
  9. Enjoy in salads, on sandwiches, or by the hand full on their own!

This simple project is a great way to watch how things grow and start growing food with kids!

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