School Enrichment

Vegetable Circus offers in school and after school programs, educational assemblies, physical education classes, and hands-on learning workshops. Hula Hoop Circus, Circus Skills, and Food & Games are three core curriculum that serve as the foundation for enrichment programs.

Vegetable Circus teaches children about teamwork in fun ways!


Vegetable Circus Enrichment Programs empower children with life skills, promoting Healthy Eating, Healthy Movement, and Healthy Relaxation. Educational and allied health professionals agree that effective teaching strategies promoting overall health and well-being need to be implemented in schools to provide students with skills enabling them to be healthy and positive contributors to society (Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, Occupational therapy and circus: Potential partners in enhancing the health and well-being of today’s youth). Vegetable Circus combines experienced and informed teachers who are inspired by what they do with fun, age appropriate curriculum to provide direct, concrete experiences of healthy living in Enrichment Programs that benefit the whole child.

In a typical Vegetable Circus Enrichment class, children share fresh fruit and vegetables while discussing and learning about their nutritional benefits. Vegetable stretches help warm kids up for using their bodies to develop circus skills and play fun games that build teamwork, coordination, patience, attention, and motor control. Throughout the session, children exercise their creativity and develop self-confidence, creating end-of-session performances and artwork to share with their peers and families.

Get a taste of the Vegetable Circus Enrichment Program in the video below:

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