Event Entertainment

Add some extra excitement to your next event with a live circus show, walk-around circus entertainment, or hands-on circus instruction from Vegetable Circus!

Stage Shows: Include a live circus show with Vegetable Circus and make your event unforgettable! Vegetable Circus shows are full of comedy, audience participation, musical performance, and high energy circus entertainment. Primary themes are healthy eating, healthy movement, and healthy hydration. Vegetable Circus performers are experienced with performing for adults as well as family audiences. Among our ranks are accomplished jugglers, hula hoopers, plate spinners, clowns, acrobats and more. Vegetable Circus performers are skilled at interacting with audiences and building the energy in the crowd.

Walk-around Circus Entertainment: Walk-around circus entertainment makes your event fun! Choose from a list of toss jugglers, contact jugglers, hoopers, clowns, acrobats, stilt-walkers, and more. Vegetable Circus’ roving performers will amaze and inspire your guests!

Hands-on Circus Instruction: Add a playful activity to your event! Vegetable Circus instructors teach the basics of hooping, juggling, plate spinning, or other circus props.

Do you have a vision of Vegetable Circus at your event? Let us know how you see us fitting in!

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