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Hula Hoop Circus
Students of the hula hoop fun after school program in Somerville, MAIn Hula Hoop Circus, children learn skills with hula hoops as they develop motor skills, coordination, cooperation, and confidence while getting a healthy dose of exercise and nutrition education. Children explore hula hooping, learn tricks from professional hula hoopers, and innovate with their own creativity!

Food and Games

Vegetables and fruit come to life as food puppets

In Food and Games, children use fresh fruits and vegetables to create edible toys and art, while learning about their nutritional benefits and how and where they are grown. Children play games that develop communication skills, rhythm, motor skills, and fitness. This club is about having fun, enjoying delicious, healthy food, and learning through playing together.

Circus Skills

Circus Skills introduces children to a wide array of complimentary fitness activities and performance skills including juggling, hula hooping, contact juggling, yoga and more! Circus Skills helps children refine their attention, learning to calm themselves and build focus, developing patience, balance, coordination, and motor skills. Through exploring these activities, children engage in positive risk taking in a safe, supportive environment which develops self-confidence, social connectedness, teamwork, and leadership. The life skills developed in Circus Skills benefit children in every aspect of their lives. Children refine the performance skills they are most interested in and create acts together to build into a show.