Play With Your Food!

Vegetable Art characters with celery

Mashed potatoes can become volcanoes, with melted cheddar or shredded carrot lava. Watch out broccoli forest! Here comes the lava! The animals, a mouse made of half a pair with sliced grape ears and cloves for eyes, a Brussels sprouts caterpillar, its butterfly mother made of sandwich triangles, with a body made of a pepper slice or carrot stick, and a host of chicken or soy nugget dinosaurs, thankfully made it to safety…. that is, until a GIANT came and ate them up! (That would be your kid).

Bringing a story and some imagination to the dinner table makes healthy eating fun. Picky eaters may turn their noses at food plated as it would be served to adults, but make a banana into a dachshund and suddenly trying new foods becomes fun. Meal preparation becomes arts and crafts that you can make with your child. Meal time becomes story time theater, engaging your child’s mind as well as nourishing their bodies.

You can even have a Vegetable Puppet Party! Shredded veggies can become hair, moustaches, eyelashes. Blueberries and raisins can be eyes. Mushroom or radish slices become ears and noses. Deck out some bananas or celery stalks and put on a show. Of course, we know how the show ends: All of the characters get eaten!

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