Joining The Circus

If you or your child is interested in joining the circus, understand that there is a long process of training ahead. However, if one’s heart is really in it, then the path will be filled with healthy fun, and should ultimately be very rewarding!

The first step toward joining a circus is to find the skills you want to focus on. This generally will be a series of trial-and-error, but once you find the talents you genuinely want to cultivate, everything can begin to fall into place. Our circus starts young kids off with hula-hooping, juggling, contact juggling, poi, flow-wands, balancing objects, and acrobatics. When you find the talents you want to cultivate, your heart should know rather quickly.

It’s fairly uncommon for any child to be so naturally talented that they find these skills truly easy – so the first thing beginners need to understand is that anything worth doing will take practice. After they’ve got the basics down, and a few simple tricks mastered, then sticking with a talent is more a matter of personal commitment and devoting the time toward further practice. But until then, positive reinforcement is the best tool for making sure one sticks with their practice, so always make note of any progress that is achieved!

The best way to learn a new tricks is through hands on teaching; most movement arts are fairly hard to learn about through written language, and will require some visual demonstration. There is likely a group that meets up near where you live on a regular basis; our Vegetable Circus has routinely visited the Spin Jam’s that occur weekly by M.I.T. in Cambridge, MA, which are free skill-sharing workshops with rather large, regular attendance. If you can’t find a group, then perhaps seeking out a one-on-one instructor for a couple lessons will be your best choice.

There are also many video collections out there on the internet, and some searches can yield years worth of new tricks to learn. Try to regularly add one new trick to your repertoire, and then make sure that you go through all your tricks during each practice session. Some tricks will take years to master, so accept that you’ll have to persevere, practice them regularly, and that the reward will be well worth the struggle!

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