North Carolina

The North Carolina chapter of Vegetable Circus was launched in early 2012. Backed by an enthusiastic, wellness oriented group, the Raleigh chapter is excited to bring wellness education to this region of the country.

Performers & Instructors

Elizabeth ‘Liz Bliss’ Roberts

Liz BlissLiz Bliss combines her devotion to advocacy and practice of healthful eating from sustainable local sources with her love of children and play, passion for flow arts and education in public health and nutrition. After receiving her MPH in Maternal and Child Health from the University of North Carolina she dreamt about running off to join the circus; instead, she planted roots and began to cultivate and support the community around her.



Sara PhoenixSara - Headshot

Sara Phoenix is all about the whimsy. A history of performance art and a flare for bringing bright magic and sparkly awe into form has landed her in the world of circus arts. Wielding her trusty hoop, Sara Phoenix lives to inspire hope, healing, and laughter. She believes in the healing nature of food when grown and consumed naturally. And the importance of living with intention and mindfulness. She loves raw green smoothies, children, dancing, and you!

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