Launched in 2010 the California chapter of Vegetable Circus is one of our most active regions. Vegetable Circus provides after-school programs, performs enriching assembly shows, and offers spectacular event entertainment anywhere in the Golden State!


Performers & Instructors

Brian ‘Hot Soup’ WaldenDSC_0157 copy

Brian is a professional entertainer, educator, and wellness promoter dedicated to improving the quality of the life we all share. It was with this dedication that Brian founded Vegetable Circus in 2005. Brian is a regular face on stage and in the classroom as well as behind the scenes and in the office. Brian works daily to nurture Vegetable Circus as it grows and puts down roots in communities all across America!




Laura ‘Little L Legume’ HanleyLittle L Promo Pic 1

Superhero and clown, Little L loves everything organic! As soon as she heard about Vegetable Circus, she knew this was the circus for her. Little L is a circus hooper, face painter and stilt walker. If she’s not dancing inside a hula hoop, she’s inventing the delicious snacks using the organic ingredients.

Her favorite smoothie consists of bananas, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and grape juice. Try it!



Zach “Zachini” Fischer

Zach Fischer began his Vegetable Circus career as a fledgling little squash in Boston. Although a long time student of movement, meeting Brian Walden took his life in a new direction, helping kids gain skills and confidence through circus. He also runs a parkour and urban movement program at Kinetic Arts Center, in Oakland, California. Zach has studied Capoeira in New York, Zen Martial Arts in Chicago, Circus Arts in Boston, and Acrobatics in the Bay Area. It’s his hope to keep expanding, in parallel, his knowledge of the world and the body’s capacity for movement. Zach would like to remind everyone that you are what you eat, from the organs in your body, to the hair on your head.  With good food, we can make ourselves better people.

Madame Spinach

Madame Spinach or “Mad Spin”, began her circus career many years ago in the Boston Hoop Troop as a hula hooper, hence the “Spin” in her name. Since then she’s added tumbling, partner acrobatics, parkour, juggling & clowning to her repertoire by training at various circus facilities in the Bay area. She helped the Vegetable Circus grow from a seed to a full grown plant during her service in Boston and then she transferred to Oakland, CA where she planted more seeds. As a Vegetable Circus Creative Director she has helped to design and implement an awesome stage show that is fun, nutritious, and inspiring. Besides performing with the Vegetable Circus, she teaches upwards of 100 kids a week in various circus and movement arts programs in the East Bay. She is also half of Ninja Hoops, a performance and teaching hoop duo, that tours the world spreading innovative hooping ideas. She truly practices what she preaches in the Vegetable Circus and every day she eats amazing salads that contain every color of the rainbow. She has a strong affinity for bananas and giraffes, and likes to pretend that bananas are giraffe eggs. During her free time you can find her doing cartwheels while holding a hula hoop, wearing mis-matched socks and a sporting a clown nose.

Jamie Coventry of the Vegetable CircusJamie Coventry

Raised in central California by a family of eccentrics, Jamie studied theatre arts in Santa Fe, music in San Luis Obispo and education in San Francisco. Jamie completed two years of study at the Clown Conservatory at San Francisco Circus Center and has traveled the globe performing and teaching. He has worked with Flynn Creek Circus, Circus of Sound, New Pickle Circus, The Pickle’s School Tour, Sweet Can Productions and is one half of the award winning clown duet, Coventry and Kaluza. Jamie is also the co-creator the harmonica trio, Tin Sandwich. Jamie is very excited to be with working with Cirque du Veggie (as he likes to call it) and loves turning kids onto vegetables. Among his favorites are carrots, cauliflower, artichokes, beets, and any leafy greens. Of course then there are plums, watermelons, and blackberries…not to mention almonds, cashews and sesame seeds, garbonzos, pinots and the noble lentil. The list goes on and on.

Natasha “Gretta Garbanzo” Kaluza

Natasha Kaluza of the Vegetable CircusNatasha Kaluza AKA Gretta Garbanzo has a degree in Theater Arts, a Graduate Certificate in Dance, and Holistic Health Certification all from UC Santa Cruz – go banana slugs! She completed the first and second year of the Clown Conservatory at the SF Circus Center, and has since been performing and teaching, locally, nationally, and abroad. Natasha has worked with Sweet Can, The New Pickle Circus, Pickle Circus School Tour, Circus of Sound, Flynn Creek Circus, Smirkus, Circus Bella and more. She is also one half of the award-winning clown duet, Coventry & Kaluza. Natasha fit naturally into the Vegetable Circus cast with her background in educational performance and her love of vegetables! Favorites include: broccoli, beets, rainbow chard and brussel sprouts. Favorite movement activities include: handstands, swimming, hula hooping, dancing and pretending to be a kangaroo. She believes that a healthy and flexible body = a healthy and flexible mind, and that being a healthy person helps keep the planet healthy!

Ali “Ali Asparagus” Avalon

Ali AsparagusAli Asparagus (aka Ali Avalon) loves hoop dance, making music, and  growing food– in no particular order.  Miss Asparagus began making plays about the Lorax and teaching kids to build with natural materials and  grow their own food back in 2000! She also has a Masters Degree in  Horticulture (Permaculture Design).  Fast forward to 2012 when she wrote and co-illustrated a picture book about a girl who finds a magic portal in a hula hoop in 2012 (Veda’s Victory), Ali Asparagus has been a playtime promoter for 14 years! She has inspired kids of all ages at  summer camps, Environmental Education Centers, festivals, Universities,  after school programs, birthday parties, and schools for many years. She has traveled the world as a hoop dancer and fire spinner-as far away as India and as far up as 14,000 feet on a snow covered mountain top!  She loves combining her passion for circus arts and growing food/healthy  eating with the Vegetable Circus!  Veda’s Victory is Book 1 of the  Series Veda’s Adventures. We all look forward to a future edition-Veda  and the Vegetable Circus!  Besides hoops, Ali also loves playing with poi, flags, fans, and staff.

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