New England

Launched in 2009 the New England chapter of Vegetable Circus is our most active region. Based out of the Boston, MA area the New England Vegetable Circus chapter provides regular after school programming, performs enriching high-energy circus assembly shows, and offers spectacular event entertainment!

Performers & Instructors

Brian ‘Hot Soup’ Walden

Brian is a professional entertainer, educator, and wellness promoter dedicated to improving the quality of the life we all share. It was with this dedication that Brian founded Vegetable Circus in 2005. Brian is a regular face on stage and in the classroom as well as behind the scenes and in the office. Brian works daily to nurture Vegetable Circus as it grows and puts down roots in communities all across America!



Laura ‘Little L Legume’ HanleyLittle L Promo Pic 1

Superhero and clown, Little L loves everything organic! As soon as she heard about Vegetable Circus, she knew this was the circus for her. Little L is a circus hooper, face painter and stilt walker. If she’s not dancing inside a hula hoop, she’s inventing the delicious snacks using the organic ingredients.

Her favorite smoothie consists of bananas, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and grape juice. Try it!


Casey ‘Casey-dia’ Lumb

Casey BioCasey joined Vegetable Circus because it combines her passions of circus, working with children, and promoting wellness. She has witnessed first hand how circus skills improve a child’s mood, behavior, coordination, and self-esteem, while also building social skills such as communication, trust, and team-work. Casey has studied the mind-body connection and supports Vegetable Circus’ three ingredients to living in balance; healthy eating, moving, and relaxation, because it directly impacts how we feel, think, and behave. Casey helps children grow with creative brain-challenging circus activities and educates children with healthy food for thought!


Sarah ‘Sassy Squash’ MayerSMayer Photo

Sarah takes play super seriously, and has been hard at work most of her life searching for ways to integrate play as an educational tool. As a huge fan of games, she enjoys creating fun challenges for herself and others as a way to encourage learning. Sarah enjoys all the circus arts and spends much of her time immersed in play and practice, and is thrilled to be part of a team that enjoys doing the same. Go Veggies!!

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