Healthy Halloween for Kids – A Purple Pedal-Powered Berry Bicycle Blender

Choosing to give up candy for Halloween is a big decision! An elementary school in New Jersey brought kids together to fight the health impacts of copious amount of Halloween candy by having a contest. How much candy could the school collect? Kids brought their pillow cases full of candy to school to trade for a healthy Halloween alternative, fruit smoothies. Using a neat pedal-powered blender that mounts on the back of a bicycle, kids clad in their Halloween costumes took turns powering the blender and whipping up delicious berry smoothies to share with their classmates.

According to Nanci Hellmich, health and medicine reporter for USA Today, the week beginning with Halloween night, we will eat 5% of the candy we generally eat for the entire year. For the kids at Elysian Charter School, getting to dress up at school and have a shared experience where they could make the smoothies together was worth turning in their massive bags of refined sugar products. They had such a fun time, they even made a video about their pedal powered smoothies and wrote a rap about their experience.
How viable is this approach? Would your children or students be willing to give up candy in 2013?

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