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Circus tricks to make kids healthy

While we are all trying or at least hoping that we can become more healthy beings there are groups such as the vegetable circus that are making healthy living much easier for the kids of our times and future times.  As we all know there are different aspects of being healthy.  Since this circus didn’t want to lose out on keeping kids physically fit they decided the best thing to do was to teach them exactly what works for them, which is having fun in order to stay healthy.

With this in mind  the members decided to teach kids an art that is somewhat new to the circus world.  This art is called poi.   The toy called poi can come in the form of a certain type of weighted flag, part led lighting, part made out of socks or partly made out of rope.  Because of it’s versatility in the materials that it can be made out of poi can be used by younger or older kids.  Of course the lighter and softer the poi, the safer for the younger kids.  On the forefront of health awareness poi has been a great art for this national group.  There has yet to be a limit of tricks that have been created for this circus art.  This fact has built up kids self esteem, knowing that they themselves can invent a trick.  Of course making adults happy, like juggling it will make your kids brain smarter.

Though we are very happy for such inventive solutions to help our kids become more healthy some of us are thinking “am I to old for that”? and you could probally guess what the vegetable circus’ answer was, “absolutely not.  It is never to late to start something fun and new.  They say there are even free meet ups/skill shares that mainly have adults learning poi and other circus arts.  They are called “spin jams”   and they are in more parts of the country then you would think.  I leave you with this informative poi video.  Enjoy this great new art that is easily transportable and will keep you moving.

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