Circus in School – Project Based Learning

Vegetable Art characters with celery

Celery and banana become fun characters

School is where we go to learn and grow. It is important for this environment to be nurturing and inspiring. Enrichment programs give students a real opportunity to play with many of the concepts learned during school. Students find real-world applications for many of the concepts they encounter in their normal school day. This project based learning type program can have a profound effect on a student’s body and mind.

The circus arts are ideal for training both fine and gross motor skills, eye hand coordination, and the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. Circus arts build connections between different regions of the brain enhancing brain power and laying the foundation for a strong memory. Students trained in the circus arts are predisposed to be very creative and good problem solvers as well.

Vegetable Circus Enrichment Programs are a combination of circus arts education and healthy lifestyle education. Students learn how their favorite fruits and vegetables power up their bodies to learn circus skills. Groups and individuals work in a supportive atmosphere to create entertaining performances for their families and friends. Children have the chance to let their inner monkey run free and play in a positive way. We also explore yoga, tai chi and other relaxation techniques that will help students focus when needed.

In the Vegetable Circus students take their first circus steps. They explore a variety of circus arts and identify the skill with which they have an affinity. Students dedicate themselves to finding their place in the circus. One student may pick the path of the juggler. Another may love to spin and dance and become a hula hooper. Students also learn to work as a team in order to bring a circus variety show of their own to the stage. This exploration of a students place in the circus combined with the group goal of a performance becomes the groups project and so much learning happens on the way to their goal.

Vegetable Circus Enrichment Programs prepare students to have the healthiest life possible. The goal is for students to have the confidence to be themselves and to be inspiring members of their community. Project based learning makes education a joy for the students. Project based learning builds real connections between students and their education. Every student in America stands to benefit from circus in school. Go to to find the troupe in your region!

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