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Sprouting Seeds – Growing Food with Kids

Growing food at home is a fun way to connect your family to nature and get kids excited to eat healthy food. For almost instant gratification, you can grow your own sprouts any time of year at next to no cost! All you need to grow tasty, […]

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Magic Words – Introducing New Foods to Children

You’re probably all too familiar with the power of marketing to get people to want or not want things. Unfortunately, a lot of vegetables have received undeserved bad press. Kids who’ve never tried Brussels sprouts, lima beans, or spinach may already have an unfavorable impression of how […]

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Circus in School – Project Based Learning

School is where we go to learn and grow. It is important for this environment to be nurturing and inspiring. Enrichment programs give students a real opportunity to play with many of the concepts learned during school. Students find real-world applications for many of the concepts they […]

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