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Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies!

Although some kids are open to trying new things, and can enjoy the taste of vegetables from a young age, the stereotypes against children enjoying them are still based in reality. As they grow older, and their taste buds develop, children will find themselves appreciating vegetables, if […]

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Joining The Circus

If you or your child is interested in joining the circus, understand that there is a long process of training ahead. However, if one’s heart is really in it, then the path will be filled with healthy fun, and should ultimately be very rewarding! The first step […]

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Treating Yourself Right

Nobody can bully you without your consent; but sometimes your worst bully can be yourself. There is always another challenge on the horizon, but tackling them with the right attitude can make the difference between a life of stress and one of joy. A good first step […]

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Shape Up Somerville with After School Enrichment Programs

With the number of hours spent in front of the television increasing and obesity a nationally battled issue for both kids and adults, it’s great to see cities across the U.S. making an effort to address both these issues with integrated initiatives. In the city of Somerville, […]

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Play With Your Food!

Mashed potatoes can become volcanoes, with melted cheddar or shredded carrot lava. Watch out broccoli forest! Here comes the lava! The animals, a mouse made of half a pair with sliced grape ears and cloves for eyes, a Brussels sprouts caterpillar, its butterfly mother made of sandwich […]

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